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The natural osmosis process can be reversed by pressure and for an environmentally friendly form of water demineralization. If pressure is exerted on a more concentrated salt solution separated by a semipermeable membrane from a lower concentrated salt solution, which exceeds the osmotic pressure of this solution, pure water migrates through the semi-permeable membrane, resulting in pure water. Particles and bacteria are> 99% removed.

The pure water capacity of a reverse osmosis depends on the temperature. Our performance parameters are based on 15°C water temperature. The production output of the reverse osmosis decreases by 3% per 1°C, so the temperature is an important comparison criterion for the efficiency and profitability of the plant.

OSMO – Base reverse osmosis system

OSMO - basic module as a compact system including a high-pressure pump and a 1,000 l process water tank. Can be expanded at any time with additional supply tanks with 1,000 l, with the following system functionality:
Reverse osmosis system for feed water production from softened or hard-stabilized drinking water, intended for unpressurized feed into the existing supply tank with level control via float switch or pressure sensor. The plant is built in functional industrial standard with easily accessible components.

OSMO expansion tank – 1,000 liter

The OSMO expansion tank type VT 1,000 is a supply tank for the obtained process water. The usable volume is 1,000 liters. The tank is made of food-grade polyethylene and has a space-saving geometry (height = 2,200mm, depth = 1,200mm, width = 800mm). The supply tank is preassembled in modular construction and mounted on plastic system pallet (as already the basic module OSMO 1200). All necessary parts are included in the scope of delivery to fit the expansion tank to a basic unit or a further supply tank. The system unit can be extended at any time by additional tank modules.