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Corrosion is commonly understood as the oxidation of metals. It is known that iron and simple steels rust in moist air without the need for further reactants. The course of corrosion effects strongly depends on the properties of the metals concerned and the ambient conditions. A substantial influence is always exerted by moisture.
Thus, the metal working with water-miscible or water-soluble cooling lubricants presents a challenge with respect to corrosion protection.

By means of special corrosion inhibitors, which are added to the dpi cooling lubricants, damage to the component and the machines can be largely avoided by forming surface films. By taking very simple measures, such as leaving the machine open overnight, can help to protect the machine because it can dry.

Under certain circumstances, however, additional corrosion protection may be required.

CORROprotect – Dewateringfluid

CORROprotect DW2010 "Dewatering Fluid" is a low-viscosity, solvent-based corrosion protection oil with excellent dewatering properties. After evaporation of the solvent, a thin, oily greasy protective film remains on the treated surface.
The remaining thin protective film provides effective protection against corrosion during medium-term intermediate storage or transport of the treated components and workpieces to the next machining process.

Thanks to the excellent dewatering properties, CORROprotect can be used for e.g. aqueous cleaning or grinding after treatment of workpieces after galvanic surface finishing or processing with water-mixed metalworking fluids.
If necessary, CORROprotect can be easily removed with aqueous alkaline cleaners, which are also available in our product range.