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In the metalworking industry, the appropriate processing of metalworking fluids has an outstanding economic importance.
The efficient deposition of precipitated particles is the basis for a consistently high surface quality of the products, long tool life as well as optimum quality and service life of the processing fluids.
Thanks to the selected dpi Metalworking® filter media, all process parameters can be maintained at a consistently high level with minimum operating costs.

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Our filter fleece consists of a thermally bonded fleece, PES (polyethersulfone). It is a specially adapted filter material for metalworking fluids which are based on the viscosity properties of water (especially those without oil deposits).
The filter fleece is available in the sizes UNI (universal), GRB (coarse), FN (fine) and FNST (finest).

Through our filter fleece, you achieve an optimum cleaning of the used metalworking fluid and the prevention of metal deposits in the cooling circuit of the machine tools, since they are specially adapted to aqueous metalworking fluids. If the filter is optimized, a filter cake develops, which then allows a very good filtration and ensures optimal consumption of the filter medium.

When machining metals, glass, ceramics and other materials which produce or release small, lowest and micro-particles during the machining processes, our filter fleece has proven its worth. A corresponding surface quality or residual roughness (RA) during grinding can also be achieved using our filter fleece as it performs a good to very good particle filtering.
Also, the recovery of valuable raw materials, e.g. when grinding is also guaranteed.

The filter fleece we offer is specifically designed for water-based metalworking fluids. We speak in specialist circles of so-called "3D fleeces".
We are always able to adapt our filter media to your processing installation.