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Ion exchanger set – Push/Pull

Easy to handle, reliable and environmentally friendly in operation, our devices produce fully demineralized water by means of ion exchange. The scope of delivery includes a conductivity meter, a hose connection set (3x) with quick couplings in the appropriate size as well as a filter cartridge. With this equipment, the process reliability can be guaranteed.

In order to obtain optimum performance parameters from a metalworking fluid of the new generation, a complete demineralization of the feedwater is essential. The desired parameters are, e.g. increased service life, reduced tool and seal wear, cleanliness as well as lime-free operation of the machining unit and the interior surfaces of the machine tool, clear view through its viewing window and prevention of corrosion by salts in the raw water.
There is no need to post-treat dpi coolants to prevent foaming. They could also work without raw water treatment, but they do not reach the maximum performance parameters as with demineralized water. Some corrosion phenomena caused by salting up (chlorides, fluorides, sulfates, phosphates, calcium, etc.) during the life of the solution and increased conductivity cannot be prevented without complete demineralization.

Our range of devices can cover the water requirement from 450 l to 3000 l of ultrapure water per hour. The used filter cartridges are regenerated by dpi Metalworking® in Friedrichshafen, checked and returned to our customers immediately.