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SGF®03 BM is an oil and solvent-free metalworking fluid with special additives for non-ferrous metal to be used in open and closed coolant circuits of grinding and other machines, and fulfills further positive properties:
  • soluble in water
  • non-combustible
  • biodegradable
  • skin-friendly
  • dermatologically and toxicologically tested
  • does not contain emulsifiers
  • odorless
  • excellent cooling properties
  • non-dangerous goods

SGF®03 was developed according to the latest findings in the field of process engineering. Helpful in the regards was our long-term experience in the field of skin protection and the new product and development strategy BPALWO - Better Performance and Lubrication without Oil. With this strategy, we achieved that under normal operating conditions, SGF®03 has better properties than oil-based coolants or their syntheses.

SGF®03 BM can be used to grind all metals such as hardened steel, iron, titanium, chromium-nickel alloys, cupper, non-ferrous metals, carbide and many other materials. This product has an inhibition which allows the processing of non-ferrous metals as well as cobalt-containing materials and alloys. Since the product does not contain boric acid or their derivatives, it can also be used with CBN grinding wheels.

When using SGF®03 BM the surfaces of the workpieces do not get sticky. The machines, devices and the working environment remain clean, in contrast to oil containing coolants. This ensures more process reliability and cost savings in terms of machine cleaning.

SGF®03 BM has excellent cooling properties and often allows higher cutting speeds with longer tool life. The equipment is reliably protected by an integrated corrosion protection.