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SMF®07 Plus

SMF®07 Plus is an oil and solvent-free metalworking fluid for heavy metal cutting, deep-hole drilling and broaching, which fulfills further positive properties:

  • soluble in water
  • non-combustible
  • biodegradable
  • skin-friendly
  • dermatologically and toxicologically tested
  • odorless
  • excellent cooling properties
  • non-dangerous goods

SMF®07 Plus is a universal product and can be used with almost all metals and materials (with restrictions also for aluminum). The product is specially designed for the machining of high-alloyed, heat-resistant, rustproof and stainless steels, titanium, titanium alloys, chromium nickel alloys, e.g. Inconel, Hastelloy, non-ferrous metals and many other materials and metals, but especially for those materials and metals which apply high to higher standards on the machining processes.
The product is used for drilling, turning, milling, honing, sawing, cutting and deep hole drilling.

High coolant pressures, ultrafiltration or the use of centrifuges for coolant purification present no problem for our products. A low drag-out rate of the metalworking fluid is achieved through the good draining behavior of our products. Due to the modified surface properties of the product a faster drying of the surfaces in the machine and on the workpieces, is achieved.

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