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SMF®02 BM  is an oil and solvent-free metalworking fluid with special additives for non-ferrous metal which fulfills further positive properties:

  • soluble in water
  • non-combustible
  • biodegradable
  • skin-friendly
  • dermatologically and toxicologically tested
  • does not contain emulsifiers, stabilizers or other additives
  • odorless
  • excellent cooling properties
  • non-dangerous goods

SMF®02 BM has the same excellent properties as SMF®02, but is also suitable for machining of non-ferrous metal, such as hardened and tempered steel, gray cast iron, titanium, copper, brass, aluminum and many other materials. Special additives reliably prevent stains on workpieces, as well as cobalt and other metals do not pass into solution and corrosion due to the electrical potential difference between different metals.

For the exclusive processing of aluminum, we recommend our SMF®07 ALU, which has been specially developed for this purpose.

SMF®02 BM can be used in the field of metal working for drilling, turning, cutting, milling and many other applications. The product can also be used for grinding.

SMF®02 BM has excellent cooling properties and often allows higher cutting speeds with longer tool life. The machines and work pieces are protected by an integrated corrosion additive. When using SMF®02 BM, the surfaces of the workpieces do not get sticky or oily. The machines, devices and the working environment remain clean. This results in considerable cost savings in machine cleaning.

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