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PROdos® 2,7 m³/h

The principle of the electricity independent proportion dosage pump PROdos® is simple and practical, which has proved itself daily for many years in the most various areas of use. The dosage pump functions without electricity and is simply connected to the water supply attachment of the coolant processor. The through-flow of water is used as the driving force. As soon as the dosage pump is activated, it sucks in the concentrate, doses the desired percentage amount and homogenizes it with the drive water in the mixing chamber. The solution thus produced is then piped into the machine. After a single regulation, no more adjustment or outside control is required on the pump. The dosage of the introduced coolant concentrate is constantly and strictly proportioned to the water volume that flows through the dosage pump even with the possible occurrence of pressure- and throughput fluctuations in the water pipe.

The high dosing precision excludes any risks of overdosing and thus contributes to the reduction of costs and environmental protection. The dosage range is from 0,025 to 0,4% or 1 to 5% or 2 to 10%.

The advantages of our PROdos® dosage pump without electricity
  • Hydraulic, volumetric, without electricity.
  • Dosing, servo-controlled via water pressure.
  • Precision, optimum surface quality without waste of coolant concentrate.
  • Excellent repetition exactness in respect of dosage rate and homogeneity.
  • Dosage rate easily adjusted at all times.
  • Installation, use and maintenance are very simple (without electricity related risks).
  • Self-suction up to 4m.