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Users and operators of metalworking machines who handle metalworking fluids (coolants) are obliged to inspect and control their fluids on a regular base in accordance with the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances and their technical regulations (for example TRGS 611) and to take any necessary measures.
There are currently also many occupational health and safety and employer's liability insurance association regulations that the operator must comply with. Finally, for process safety reasons, it is necessary to regularly check the metalworking fluids.

pH-value controll instrument

This is a mobile, inexpensive and simple measuring instrument for the rapid determination of the pH-value of metal working fluids in their storage containers. The pH-value can be determined quickly and easily. The calibration can be conducted easily and without any problems (using calibration liquid and the mechanical adjustment screw).

Conductivity meter (µS)

In order to obtain optimum performance parameters from a metalworking fluid of the new generation, e. g. increased service life and the prevention of corrosion by salts in the raw water, a complete demineralization of the mixing water is essential.
With the conductivity meter, you can easily and uncomplicated check the conductivity of the water and avoid possible damage.
Completely pure water conducts nothing. Solvents, such as chlorides, sulfates or carbonates, which are dissolved, render water conductive. From this it follows that: the impure water is the higher the electrical conductivity (μS).