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TOPcleanLiesel – Universal-Absorptionsvlies

The TOPcleanLiesel is made from polypropylene fibers. These combine the absorption force (up to 20 times the dead weight) with a simple handling. They are recyclable and can be used wherever oils, hydrocarbons, lacquers and solvents leak. Also on floors and in water (e. g. in the coolant tank). With the TOPcleanLiesel absorption fleece, the workplace remains clean and thus contributes significantly to safety and accident prevention.

Stop the leakage of machines, look for their cause before floors and ways are soiled, thus reducing the risk of accidents and costly, time-consuming cleaning.

The product has already proved itself outstandingly in fluid storage containers on machine tools, where it is very difficult or even impossible to install an oil skimmer (because of the too low container depth).