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Bag filter insert

dpi special bag filter inserts enable absolute filtration in many applications where previously conventional filters have been used for cost reasons. They are 100% made of a polyester fibrebonded and are available in filter qualities from 1 μ to 100 μ. dpi filter bags are used in metalworking for system filtration in pretreatment, for the recovery of precious metals, for filtration of aqueous metalworking fluids, forming oils, as well as in cleaning machines in order to minimize the residual dirt on the machine parts. Another field of application is the water treatment such as well water filtration or the use in water treatment installations. The filtration of surface waters is an area traditionally dominated by candle filters. However, we can offer you a cost-effective alternative to expensive candle filters. The filter materials used by us are exclusively thermally and mechanically treated and therefore do not represent a microbiological problem. The filter bags can be used in both main and partial-flow filtration.