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Well treated - more cost-effectiveness, more process reliability, lower costs.
In the metalworking industry, the proper and careful processing of the metalworking fluids during the ongoing production process has an outstanding economic importance. The efficient deposition of occurring impurities in the metalworking fluid is the basis for a consistently high production quality as well as a high process reliability and last but not least a long service life of the fluid.
Thanks to the dpi Metalworking® processing aids, all process parameters can be maintained at a consistently high level at the lowest operating expenses and costs.

Portable FluidFiltrationsUnit

The FluidFiltrationUnit can be used for filtering, surface extraction, treatment of contaminated metalworking fluids at existing processing installations or processing machines. The unit can filter from 1μ to 100μ residual particles from the liquid. It works with a specially designed filter system which is supplied by a suction pump. The power supply of the pump is a 380V / 50Hz three-phase current (other voltages on request and at an extra charge).
The filtration unit is built on a stable stainless steel frame with rubber wheels and is characterized by the following features:
  • Ideal for applications requiring a mobile and fast implementation from one location to another.
  • Sophisticated and spaca-safing design of the units, especially for applications with limited space requirements.
  • Robust wheels provide extreme mobility.
  • Deep center of gravity and arrangement of the hoses guarantee good stability.
  • Equipped as standard with a filter housing, a suction pump and all necessary accessories (hose lengths 3m).
  • The filter housing is supplied with a displacer, which makes the filter change uncomplicated and clean.
  • Extensive filter insert material is available.
The FluidFiltrationUnit is suitable for subsequent mobile use as a main or partial-flow filter in metalworking (grinding, honing, turning, milling and drilling), water treatment, cleaning technology or surface technology and many other applications. In particular, in metalworking for the filtration of chips and deposits from metalworking fluids. Suitable for solutions, emulsions, oils and many other liquids to be filtered.

Suction valve with intake filter – inner thread

Brass foot valve with 3/4 "suction hose with internal thread (for portable FluidFiltrationUnit), with spring, non-return valve cone, rubber seal and stainless steel suction basket. It can be used for low-viscosity fluids such as water and oils.

Bag filter insert

dpi special bag filter inserts enable absolute filtration in many applications where previously conventional filters have been used for cost reasons. They are 100% made of a polyester fibrebonded and are available in filter qualities from 1 μ to 100 μ. dpi filter bags are used in metalworking for system filtration in pretreatment, for the recovery of precious metals, for filtration of aqueous metalworking fluids, forming oils, as well as in cleaning machines in order to minimize the residual dirt on the machine parts. Another field of application is the water treatment such as well water filtration or the use in water treatment installations. The filtration of surface waters is an area traditionally dominated by candle filters. However, we can offer you a cost-effective alternative to expensive candle filters. The filter materials used by us are exclusively thermally and mechanically treated and therefore do not represent a microbiological problem. The filter bags can be used in both main and partial-flow filtration.

TOPcleanLiesel – Universal-Absorptionsvlies

The TOPcleanLiesel is made from polypropylene fibers. These combine the absorption force (up to 20 times the dead weight) with a simple handling. They are recyclable and can be used wherever oils, hydrocarbons, lacquers and solvents leak. Also on floors and in water (e. g. in the coolant tank). With the TOPcleanLiesel absorption fleece, the workplace remains clean and thus contributes significantly to safety and accident prevention.

Stop the leakage of machines, look for their cause before floors and ways are soiled, thus reducing the risk of accidents and costly, time-consuming cleaning.

The product has already proved itself outstandingly in fluid storage containers on machine tools, where it is very difficult or even impossible to install an oil skimmer (because of the too low container depth).