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BIOsolv rust solvent

BIOsolv is a rust solvent that quickly and easily solves corrosion problems in metalworking as well as in general handling of metals. BIOsolv can be used in the workshops for drilling, cutting and other metalworking where a machining fluid is required. It also provides useful services for tools and equipment on CNC machines which have been corroded or attacked by salting up the cooling lubricants. Apply it easily, allow to react and remove corrosion marks with a abrasive carded web (safe for the metalworking fluids used).

BIOsolv is produced from aromatic-free normal paraffin, synthetic ester and from the fat of a coconut. The product is free of oils and other chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons and is therefore not a threat to the health of the user and the environment. By adding special additives, BIOsolv has the very good creeping properties of a "rust solvent" or "rust remover".