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UNIslide®blue is a mineral oil based EP high-temperature multi-purpose grease with extended temperature range for industry and shipping. The thickener is a highly stable lithium complex soap. Equipped with a corresponding EP alloy, UNIslide®blue is suitable for grease lubrication points that are extremely stressed by thermal and mechanical load.
An application is recommended where shock and vibration stress are a problem, where lubricated machine parts can come into contact with water or if a corrosive atmosphere cannot be excluded. UNIslide®blue has excellent water resistance and offers a reliable corrosion protection.
An application example is the lubrication of the bezel supports when grinding medium to heavy rollers in the steel and aluminum industry.
UNIslide®blue has been developed as an EP multi-purpose grease for a wide performance requirement profile.

Special features and advantages are:
  • Excellent wearing protection even under high mechanical stress and at high temperatures
  • Reliable corrosion protection due to the resistance to water wash-off and special anti-corrosive agents
  • Exceptional durability, even with high fulling stress
  • Wide range of application, allows for economical sorter reduction
  • Extended lubrication intervals even under difficult operating conditions
  • Reduced maintenance or downtime
  • Compatibility with standard sealing materials