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UNIslide®Aerosol – universal liquid grease spray

UNIslide®Aerosol is equally suitable as a lubricant and corrosion inhibitor and many other everyday things around the machine tool and also has good resistance to water or its solutions in the form of metalworking fluids as well as moisture. The grease is produced as an aluminum complex and corresponds to the same quality as our UNIslide®GEP 000.

It can be used, for example, for the "desqueaking and lubrication" of telescopic covers and cover plates on machine tools as well as their corrosion protection.
A further application is the "prevention of contact corrosion" at the tool table of a CNC machine, if an additional vice or clamping device has to be attached in order to clamp a workpiece. Between the tool table and the clamping device, penetrating liquid can form a dielectric between the two metals, which is responsible for corrosion. The baser of the two metals is sacrificed to and attacked by corrosion. This process is prevented by the application and sealing of our grease spray UNIslide®Aerosol. The grease layer prevents subsequent penetration of the liquid into the remaining gaps and cracks between the tool table and the clamping device.