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UNIslide® universal liquid grease – GEP 0/00/000

UNIslide® has been adapted by dpi Metalworking® the requirements of modern machine tools. The grease is suitable for many different applications and is available in three consistencies, GEP 0, 00 and 000. It is used in applications such as sliding guideways on machine tools which have roller bearings and / or a central lubricant supply, as well as in telescopic covers on machine tools and CNC machining centers. The treatment with UNIslide® prevents the penetration of fine metal chips into the guides and seals of the individual telescopic covers as well as the penetration of metalworking fluids into the area protected by the telescopic covers.

Further applications are gear boxes with unfavorable sealing at normal to high loads, as well as denture clutches with high surface pressures and sliding parts, for gear box central lubrication as well as for central lubrication (guideway and bed track lubrication).

Selected base oils, complex saponification agents and a well-balanced additive package give UNIslide® excellent stability, very good EP properties as well as excellent temperature and water resistance. This grease is an aluminum complex which has been specially adapted to the requirements of modern mechanical engineering, as well as the currently valid occupational health and safety requirements, such as TRGS 611 and others.