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CGLP is a guideway oil with excellent lubricating properties. Carefully selected base oils in combination with modern additive technology guarantee optimal wearing protection in the mixed friction area, preventing stick slip and has the highest adhesion. The oil especially stands out for its good demulsifying behavior compared to metalworking fluids and water.
It is used, among others, in machine tools, grinding and turning machines, boring machines and on guideways.

Hydraulic oils are highly refined pressure fluids from mineral and/or synthetic oil. In Germany, their designations were defined according to their requirements according to DIN 51524.
One of the main tasks is the transfer of the power from the pump to the motor, which is largely loss-free. However, there are further requirements which are imposed on hydraulic oils which are achieved by high-quality additives. Therefore, HLP is the most widely used application in practice because of an increased corrosion protection, age resistance, reduction of gear scuffing and the increase of the load capacity in the mixed friction area.

CGLP 32, 46, 68 and 220 - slide way oils - DIN 51502

Our CGLP special oils based on mineral oil according to DIN51502 are specially designed for use on slide ways and bed tracks. They contain active ingredients which prevent the "STICK-SLIP-MOVEMENTS" and ensure by a pronounced adhesion, uniformity in the movement of slide parts on guideways even with slow feed and high pressure load.

This oil is also suitable as a hydraulic oil as well as for the lubrication of bearings and gearboxes on machines in which a joint oil circuit of bed track lubrication, hydraulics and gearboxes is required. In addition, the product is also suitable for use as a hammer drill oil for compressed air equipment.

It does not emulsify with water and therefore floats in the coolant tank at the top and can easily be removed by an oil skimmer.
Minor oil infiltrations can be removed by chemical oil-solvent solution (AX250). CGLP 220 can also be used for lubricating saw gate guides.
We offer our CGLP special oils in the viscosity classes 32, 48, 68 and 220.

HLP ISO VG32, 46 and 100 hydraulic oil – DIN 51524

Our HLP hydraulic oils based on mineral oil fulfill all the minimum requirements according to DIN 51524. The high-quality additives are wear-resistant and ensure high oxidation stability and aging stability as well as high corrosion protection.  They also have good demulsifying properties and best compatibility with sealing materials. Guaranteed not to emulsify with water or our cooling lubricants.

Spilled hydraulic oil floats in the coolant tank at the tp and can be removed mechanically without problems using an oil skimmer. Minor oil infiltrations can be removed by chemical oil-solvent solution (AX250).
We offer our HLP in the viscosity classes ISO VG32, 46 and 100.