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dermaCARE® – Pump dispenser

dermaCARE® is used for the precautionary prevention of contact-allergic skin diseases, especially when dealing with allergens and any kind of irritants. This product has been developed for very sensitive, already ultra-stressed or diseased skin and adapted to it.
Thus, those active substances which are responsible for the protective mechanism are slightly reduced. dermaCARE® is especially suitable for persons with already existing skin diseases (e. g. toxic irritating, contact-allergic, dyshidrotic hand eczema etc.). The body regeneration is promoted.

Many of the functions are based on the fact that the skin protection products do not contain any greasy substances, oils or lipids. The effect is based, among other things, on the fact that this skin protection gel does not contain any greasy substances, oils or lipids. A solution (water-based) transports the special combination of active ingredients into the horny layer of the skin. After application, the water is removed by natural processes within a few minutes. The remaining active substance, similar to a granulate, produces a kind of extra strong, artificial horn cells. A degenerate existing horny layer is repaired, missing horn cells are replaced. The natural barrier is thus artificially enhanced without limiting the natural skin functions.
Just like the body own horn cells the active substance is repelled within approximately 4 hours. The duration of action depends on the skin texture and type of activity. Strong physical stress (abrasion) and frequent contact with solvents (acetone, nitro-dilution, water etc.) shortens the time.